Beginner: How to Create, Manage, and Share Calendars in Outlook 2013

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Unless you’re living a life free of responsibilities, the sun probably rises and settles on your daily calendar. If you don’t know what’s going on a daily basis, you can quickly find yourself lost in a maze of missed appointments and surprise meetings.

Let’s talk about Outlook’s Calendars because outside of e-mail, (perhaps even more so at times), being organized and productive relies on the ability to manage events and get stuff done. One of the things that Outlook does with great aplomb, perhaps better than most other applications, is calendaring. Outlook’s calendar functions are second-to-none when it comes to creating, modifying, and sharing events.

This article will focus primarily on the simple stuff. We’ll show you how to create and manage your calendars, add appointments, meetings, and also share them with others in your address book for easy collaboration. By the time we’re done, we’ll show how beyond using Outlook for the basics like e-mail or contacts and address books, you can incorporate the calendar into your busy life and improve your home or small office.

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