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Your perfect choice for owncloud Cloud Storage in Asia. Fully tuned, Super fast, encrypted and ready to serve your needs!

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ownCloud Features

What you see is what you get.

E2E Encryption

The new end-to-end encryption, or E2EE, plugin completely encrypts your data and neither an administrator nor third parties who have access to the infrastructure can read the data.

Encryption & Security

ownCloud is all about securing your data. Encrypt your data and make sure that no one, other than yourself, has access. With credential or master key-based encryption.

File Recovery & Backup

With our software, you’ll enjoy 120 days of version history and deletion recovery – that’s some serious peace of mind.

Collaboration & Sharing

Most cloud services force you to do things their way. Not us. We believe that you should control your data.

Sync and Share Your Data, with Ease

ownCloud is the most straightforward way to file sync and share data. You don’t need to worry about where or how to access your files. With ownCloud all your data is where ever you are; accessible on all devices, any time.

A Safe Home for All Your Data

ownCloud is hosted exclusively on your own private server/cloud so you can rest assured that your data is under your control. ownCloud is all about your privacy and works to protect your files. It ensures that access is controlled only by the one who should have control: You.

How does it look like?

Here are some screenshots of how Owncloud Cloud Storage can work for you.

The ownCloud Advantage

A safe, encrypted home for your data at Cloudspace with Oficloud, with Owncloud, keep all your life / business private and secure on a server which you have full control. Easy to use sharing features. With great community and enterprise support, Owncloud is paving its way to be the ultimate storage choice for everyone.

Easy Sync & File Share

Easy and intuitive file sync creates an smooth working environment.

Filedrop Uploading

Easy click, drag and drop style for sharing files.

Centralized Filesystem

Optimized folder management provides centralized storage ability for ease of file searching and retrieval.

Open Standards

Easy to connect to your cloud and with other clouds.

Auditing & Workflow

As an Admin, you can control and set who see what file and keep logs of the file accessed.

Powerful User Management

Create users and put them in groups to virtualize the physical working environment to the cloud storage.