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Nextcloud Storage

Your data is yours to control!

Nextcloud is a widely used open source file synchronization and sharing hub on a server that you control; that is, your data and files are stored on a dedicated server that is fully under your control.

Nextcloud Packages

Our pricing structure.

Nextcloud Features

What you see is what you get.

Simplified Access

Access your data using well a designed web interface or a Windows, IOS or Android.

Server Security

Uses Encryption for transmission of user data with TLS end-to-end. Security audited by NCC Group and complies to ISO27001:2013. Security scan of server for compliance is an option.

Integrated Anti-Virus Software

Nextcloud integrates with Kaspersky Security Suite (Optional).

User Management

Web Interface to manage users. Administrator can enable password policies and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

File Sharing

User can share files using a link. Conditions can be set on the link such as link expiration, password protection on the link and prevent link resharing.

File Management

With File Access Control and automatic file tagging, rules can be set on file access. For example, restriction can be set so that users in certain groups will not have access to certain file.

Secure File Exchange

Provide you customers or partners with a file drop option, that would allow to securely upload a files to a secure folder.

Workflow Management

Automate repetitive task using built-in pre-defined bots. For example, automatically convert a file into PDF when its uploaded.
Next Cloud Login Screen
Login Page
Nextcloud Welcome Page
Welcome Page
NextCloud Files and Documents
Files and Documents
Nextcloud Password Controls
Password Controls
Nextcloud Sharing Control
Sharing Control
Nextcloud Workflow Management
Workflow Management
NextCloud Files and Documents
NextCloud Files and Documents
Files and Documents

Network Is Secured by Fortinet

With over a million cyber attacks initiated per day across the globe, it is vital to have the best-in-security to prevent disruption to your business. FortiGate firewalls are more than just a firewall, they are constantly updated by FortiGuard labs to keep your business protected from the very latest threats.

Next-Gen Firewall

To provide our clients with a secure cloud with advanced detection mechanism with Layer 7 protocol analysis-based approach.

Intrusion Prevention

Top of the class intrusion detection which enables a safe cloud environment and protecting critical systems and application.

Web App Security

With a combination of various protections, exploits can be easily detected and prevented at all costs to secure your sites.

DDoS Protection

Automatic detection of DDOS threats to mitigate targeted attacks.


Real-time monitoring and quickly isolating unknown files in a virtual sandbox.


High-performance scanning engine detects the latest threats withing adding any noticeable latency.